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New Kärcher B 40 C scrubber-driers


The key to easy operation!

Kärcher’s new B 40 C walk-behind scrubber-drier feature the Kärcher Intelligent Key operating system (KIK) that enables every user to set up an individual profile. The B 40 C makes it very easy to handle and highly efficient because they are always adjusted optimally to each application. Narrow passages and irregularly shaped areas are no challenge for these nimble, slender machines. A new type of suction motor casing reduces operating noise, in the case of the B 40 C to less than 60 dB(A), depending on the brush speed. Low operating noise emissions make the machine highly suitable for cleaning in noise-sensitive areas such as hospitals and hotels, ideal for use during trading hours.

/versions/kc-za-1/assets/Karcher-B40-new-arrivalKärcher Intelligent Key (KIK) can be used to set varying levels of authorised access by means of colour-coded keys (yellow for operator, grey for facility manager, red for service technician). The facility manager, for example, can set parameters such as travel speed, brush speed, motor output or cleaning agent dosage to suit the application. The key is used to transmit the settings to the machine. All the operator can do is use the rotary switch to select the desired cleaning program. As a result, only the necessary amount of energy and cleaning agent is used. KIK practically rules out operating errors.
Concern about the environment, the machines Eco!efficiency mode cleans in an especially energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The Eco!efficiency mode, is perfectly adequate for maintenance cleaning of most floors. In this mode, the machines operate with a reduced motor output and a lower brush rotation speed, and uses less detergent.

At just 62 cm wide, the B 40 C negotiates narrow passages with ease found in supermarket checkouts and can easily be transported in lifts. Machines, tank is tapered toward the front to provide a good view of the brush head allowing the operator to clean carefully along edges.

In models fitted with a roller brush head, a pre-sweeping device picks up coarse particles such as cigarette stubs or bottle caps. The suction beam angle can be adjusted easily to different floor coverings by means of a rotary knob.
The brush head can be dismantled in just three moves without using tools to enable thorough cleaning of the underside. The roller or disk brushes can also be changes with minimal effort. 

The operator just has to press a button or operate a pedal to unlock them. Dirty water tanks can be cleaned conveniently and thoroughly with an automatic rinsing system available as an optional extra fitted to the inside of the lid. This protects the operator from splashes, because all that needs to be done is to connect the system to the water supply. Nozzles arranged in a ring in the tank lid ensure automatic, thorough rinsing. The lid can then be locked in place so as to air and dry the tank. This greatly reduces the risk of microbial contamination, which makes these machines suitable for hygienically sensitive areas such as food processing.

Fresh water tank can be connected to the water main via a hose with the help of the optional Auto Fill In system. Allowing very quick and easy fill, an auto stop function stops water intake automatically as the maximum filling level is reached. This function frees the operator to carry out other duties in the awhile filling proceeds.
Accessories such as a mop, cloths or detergent bottles can be fastened to various holders and hooks before starting to clean, or stowed in a box for small items, so they are always ready to hand.

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