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Dry ice blaster demonstration week - November 2011


How dry ice blasters work

Dry ice blasting is essentially similar to sand blasting.

The blasting medium however is dry ice pellets that immediately sublimate into the atmosphere after striking the surface being cleaned.

The pellets are fed into a compressed air stream in the dry ice blasting machine, accelerated to over 150 m/s and blasted onto the object being cleaned via a blasting hose with a trigger gun and nozzle. No abrasive residues remain! The dirt falls to the ground and must then be swept away.

We are proudly launching the efficient, non-aggressive range of Kärcher ice blasters in November 2011 at our Johannesburg branch with the opportunity for you to experience this exciting range of cleaning technology first hand, to clean rubber residue, oils, greases, blackening, paints etc. from workpieces and surfaces and much more.

We have a full interactive demo in place, please make contact with us as soon as possible to secure your booking for November 2011.
Kärcher ice blasters leave no residue of the blasting medium and it is not necessary to disassemble the machines prior to cleaning them. The dry ice pelletizer ensures an in-house supply of pellets. Matching accessories are available to suit your specific requirements.

Benefits of dry ice blasting:

- Machines do not have to be dismantled for cleaning. The pellets get into every little corner.
- Short machine down-times thanks to fast and effective cleaning.
- Environment friendly cleaning without chemical additives or blasting abrasives.
- Surfaces are not damaged.
- No residue: Dry ice is completely transformed into CO2 gas. There is no residue such as blasting abrasive or waste water.

Dry ice cleaning removes: paint, oil, grease, tar, bitumen, dirt, ink, resin and much more.Dry ice cleaning removes: paint, oil, grease, tar, bitumen, dirt, ink, resin and much more.
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