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Demo week on our range of Kärcher ice blasters in November 2011 in Johannesburg!

We are proudly launching the efficient, non-aggressive range of Kärcher ice blasters in November 2011 at our Johannesburg branch with the opportunity for you to experience this exciting range of cleaning technology first hand, to clean rubber residue, oils, greases, blackening, paints etc. from workpieces and surfaces and much more.

We have a full interactive demo in place, please make contact with us as soon as possible to secure your booking for November 2011.
Kärcher ice blasters leave no residue of the blasting medium and it is not necessary to disassemble the machines prior to cleaning them. The dry ice pelletizer ensures an in-house supply of pellets. Matching accessories are available to suit your specific requirements.

Contact us for a full demonstrationSimply freeze out the dirt!

Water recycling systems for car and truck wash facilities.

Kärcher Center ITS has the right solution for this application regardless of the type of waste water contamination.

The WRP 10000 systems provide the optimal solution for commercial vehicle wash plants or wash centers with several car washes and ensures effective reclamation of oil free waste water without using any harsh chemicals.

The modular system ensures tailor made solutions for every site and customer requirement.
Contact us for further information on our range of innovative range of water recylcing systems.
Cutting edge cleaning equipmentEco-friendly cutting edge water recycling equipment.

Kärcher Center ITS cleans the Cape Town stadium roof

Kärcher Center ITS was called to solve the problem of removing a silicone seal from tiles of the glass roof of the Cape Town Stadium, the project entailed that the 65 000 tiles needed to be cleaned in a 3 month period, this needed to be done on site.

The robust Kärcher HD 9-50 was used daily for those 3 months, with its 900 litre an hour flow rate at 500 bar , it is a water saving device that packs a punch. Kärcher Center ITS delivered a weekly maintenance check on the unit to ensure the smooth operation of the unit while the contract ran to a tight deadline.
Cutting edge cleaning equipmentWe have a solution to any cleaning task.

Kärcher Center ITS sponsors the Double Century 202 km cycle race in the Overberg area.

Kärcher Center ITS proudly sponsored the Plumstead cycling team who all managed to finish the race within 8,5 hours
( cut-off being 10,5 )

Congratulations to all who participated!
Kärcher Center ITS sponsors the Double Century 202 km cycle raceProud sponsor of the Double Century 202 km cycle race in Cape Town

Kärcher Center ITS Center opens in July 2011

This is a friendly reminder that we are operating from our new premises in Milnerton, Cape Town.
Please feel free to visit us to view our streamlined workshop operation and the single largest sales showroom in the Western Cape!

Contact our National customer care line for further details: 0861 275 487
Our customer care line allows all our customers to have one point of contact for all their sales and technical requirements.

Now open!Largest Kärcher showroom in the Western Cape!