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Anything goes. Above all, more efficiently.

Efficiency comes in different dimensions: Reduced energy consumption. Greater effectiveness of internal combustion engines. Less cleaning agent consumption. Highly concentrated cleaning agents to avoid packaging. Structural recyclability and/or the minimisation of components. Effects which can only be achieved through new ideas and innovative technologies and which, above all, require the will and ability to actually carry them out.

Kärcher already offers a comprehensive range of machines and cleaning agents with eco!efficiency mode, with which users in all areas can clean both economically and ecologically. Kärcher machines with eco!efficiency mode offer the chance to work with reduced power for lighter soiling, thereby saving energy and cleaning agent, as well as protecting the machine. Kärcher machines with standard eco!efficiency offer comprehensive technical features for permanently saving energy, cleaning agent and time.

In the search for sustainability, the journey is the reward. And it is this road to the future that Kärcher still follows with undying dedication after so many years. For
Kärcher, sustainability is simultaneously founded on the principles of
economy, social responsibility and environmental protection. Sound finances and appropriate revenues, earned as a consequence of fair practice in our attitude to the community and responsibility in the use of resources.
This is the meaning of sustainability that Kärcher has defined as their corporate objective: a business ethic founded on responsibility for the community and the environment we live in.