Great performance on large areas.

Outdoor areas are not only subject to dirt produced in daily work operations, but also to environmental influences. Vehicle deposits, mud, dust, rain and snow are easily removed with high-performance Kärcher machines. Ride-on sweepers with an area performance of up to 23,520 m²/h clean almost any area easily – and with high pressure cleaners and water flow rates of up to 1,300 l/h, even the most stubborn dirt is quickly removed.

Two year global warranty on all Kärcher Professional Machines!Two year global warranty on all Kärcher Professional Machines!


Outdoor areas

Outdoor areas

On large areas, cleanliness is essential for safety. Continuous material handling and environmental influences demand fast and effective cleaning solutions.
Pallet warehouses

Pallet warehouses

When pallets have to be transported quickly and safely, cleanliness is vital. Because dirt is a stumbling block in routine operations. Kärcher sweepers are ideal for keeping outdoor storage areas constantly clean.
Loading docks

Loading docks

Arrivals and departures, loading and unloading – the loading area is constantly in use. Dirt collects here on a daily basis. A Kärcher high-pressure cleaner is the right solution.

Our products for cleaning outdoor areas

High-pressure cleaning

With high pressure and a high flow rate. And higher temperatures ensure greater cleaning efficiency.
With the high performance of stationary machines.
HDC Classic
HDS 2000 Super

Sweepers and vacuum sweepers

Economical, clean, fast and efficient on all surfaces.
A wide range of machines for all requirements.
KM 75/40 W P
KM 90/60 R P
KM 100/100 R D

KM 120/150 R D
KM 130/300 D
KM 150/500 D
KM 170/600 D
MC 50 Classic

Vacuum cleaners

These vacuums effortlessly pick up all kinds of dirt.
Whether dry, wet or liquid – Kärcher vacuum cleaners

pick up everything.
Scrubber driers

Whether walk-behind, stand-on or ride-on – floors are hygienically clean. Thanks to their compact size, you can even clean between high-bay racking.
BD 100/250 R Bp