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Outdoor areas, parking areas and underground car parks


Outdoor facilities – your calling card at the entrance

The anticipatory pleasure of a good meal or a wellness weekend reaches its climax immediately before the entrance. This expectation can be further enhanced by a well maintained outdoor area. This advantage should be exploited to the full – in the car park as well as the forecourt area, and in the underground car park, walkways and pool area. And if you please, do this systematically with the Kärcher system: perfectly coordinated machines, accessories and cleaning agents.
Two year global warranty on all Kärcher Professional Machines!Two year global warranty on all Kärcher Professional Machines!
Progress made easy

Progress made easy

The Kärcher KM 90/60 R is a compact ride-on sweeper that combines superior ease of use with high area performance and effective automatic filter cleaning.
Can we make that easier?

Can we make that easier?

The compact and extremely manoeuvrable KM 75/40 W makes child’s play of thorough cleaning of small to medium-sized surfaces. Traction drive replaces brute strength, while effective vacuuming delivers cleanliness without a cloud of dust.
High-pressure surface cleaning

High-pressure surface cleaning

The FR 30 surface cleaner masterfully transforms the power of a Kärcher high-pressure cleaner into surface cleaning performance. The version with a plastic housing is especially easy to use, both outdoors and indoors.
Right on track

Right on track

With their large surfaces, coarse and stubborn dirt and steep ramps, multi-level car parks often impose special demands on scrubber driers. The Kärcher BR 100/250 R is ideally suited to the task, with its robust steel frame for use under severe conditions
Professional sweeping can be so easy

Professional sweeping can be so easy

The innovative cordless KM 35/5 C is a fast, effective and comfortable alternative to conventional sweeping. Thanks to the cleverly placed roller brush, it delivers impressive performance right to the edge.

Our products for outdoor areas, car parks and underground car parks

Dry vacuums and electric brooms are powerful, compact machines with many practical features.
NT 45/1 Tact
Scrubbers, scrubber driers and single-disc machines
Scrubber driers with stand-on operation in discreet anthracite draw attention only due to their excellent performance.
BR 45/40 C Bp Pack
BD 45/40 C Bp Pack
B 60 W Bp
BR 100/250 R Bp
BD 100/250 R Bp
High pressure cleaners
Special high-pressure cleaners with components approved for use with foodstuffs deliver uncompromising hygiene.
HD 6/15 C Plus
HD 9/20-4 M
HDS 5/11 UX
Push sweepers are time-savers for cleaning relatively small areas quickly and thoroughly, and they are easy on your back.
KM 70/15 C
KM 75/40 W Bp Pack

KM 85/50 W Bp Pack
KM 90/60 R Bp Pack
KM 100/100 R Bp Pack
KM 120/150 R Bp Pack
Special products
MC 50 Classic