Certified system for wet cleaning.

All areas in which animal or plant oils and fats are worked with (especially meat) have the strictest requirements when it comes to hygiene and safety. The Kärcher System is perfectly set up to meet them. Especially with effective cleaning agents. There is also the DOSE system for optimal dosage and cost savings. Of decisive importance are the upkeep of frictionless working processes. Depending on the scale of operations, stationary high pressure systems are the systems of choice. They provide not only a central supply of water, hot water and cleaning agents but also the proper separation, treatment and disposal of cleaning agents.

Two year global warranty on all Kärcher Professional Machines!Two year global warranty on all Kärcher Professional Machines!


Hygiene for tables, floors and walls

Hygiene for tables, floors and walls

Periodical deep cleaning as well as daily cleaning in food processing maintains hygiene, work safety and value. Stationary high-pressure cleaners, with their high economic efficiency, and special mobile units are ideal for these applications.
Spray once – double the effect

Spray once – double the effect

Cleaning and disinfection with only one lance. Kärcher has everything that you need: from the Inno-Foam system and diverse foam lances to listed cleaning agents.
Access the narrowest corners

Access the narrowest corners

Dirt and germs can be found everywhere. With high pressure and hot or cold water and appropriate cleaning agents, cleanliness and hygiene can reliably be ensured everywhere.
Apply, clean, vacuum – finished

Apply, clean, vacuum – finished

Kärcher’s hard surface cleaner achieves 10x the surface cleaning rate compared to high-pressure jets. Especially convenient due to the spray cover that prevents cross contamination. Dirt-water suction is optional

Our products for wet cleaning

Vacuum cleanersNT 45/1 Tact
IV 60/24-2 W
IV 60/36-3 W
IV 60/27-1 M B1
IV 60/30
IV 60/30 M B1

Scrubber / scrubber-driers
andsingle disc machines

BDS 43/150 C
BR 30/4 C
BR 40/10 C Adv
BR 40/25 C Ep
B 60 W Bp Pack
B 140 R
BR 100/250 R Bp Pack
BR 120/250 R I Bp Pack

Special applications

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