Tangible results with loose dirt.

Kärcher wet/dry suction devices are precisely the right tool for removing loose residue and particles. Whether compact and manoeuvrable or in the high-volume variant, these devices can be used to suck up anything: from fine dust to coarse dirt, from liquids to lubricants. With extreme suction power and capacities of up to 100 litres, any job can be completed quickly. Thanks to drain hoses installed as standard, liquid in the reservoir is easily drained. Thus, the robust appliances are always constructed for harsh working conditions and adapt to your requirements with practical features. For instance, automatic filter cleaning allows you to work uninterruptedly.

Two year global warranty on all Kärcher Professional Machines!Two year global warranty on all Kärcher Professional Machines!


Work dust free

Work dust free

Whether you are sanding, cutting or drilling, with Kärcher appliances you can suck up the dust right at the source. Your tool can be connected directly to the unit and even works with integrated automatic start/stop.
Dry suction

Dry suction

Here, dust, chippings and dirt have no chance: with up to 3 sturdy turbines and up to 235 mbar power, all particles are sucked away with no remnants left. Innovative filter technology ensures constantly high suction power.
Wet suction

Wet suction

With the eco filter system, you can switch between wet and dry suction without changing the filter and without any interruption. Another benefit: convenient access to the main filter makes maintenance quick and easy.

Our products for loose dirt

High-pressure cleaners from 150 to 2,500 bar
With pressure and high delivery rates, you can remove even the toughest dirt quickly, thoroughly and economically.
HD 9/20-4 M *EU
HD 10/16-4 Cage Ex
HD 16/15 -4 CAGE PLUS *EU-I

Suction devices
Maximum mobility with the best suction power. Includes clever details such as integrated plug connector and much more.
NT 45/1 TACT
NT 70/2
NT 361 Eco
Power sweepers and suction power sweepers
These suction power sweepers save time and energy, clean all areas easily and efficiently, and even suck up large particles.