Remove sticky dirt easily.

When dirt just won’t come off, a bit of pressure helps. With Kärcher hot- and cold-water high-pressure cleaners, you can remove even the most stubborn layers of any kind of dirt – such as dust, paint or even concrete. With up to 350 bar at your fingertips, you can clean building fronts, the ground and machinery quickly and effectively. The whole process can be carried out conveniently and, in some cases, without any cleaning agents at all. Various nozzle attachments ensure flexible use and diverse application, which, paired with extreme durability and robustness, make Kärcher appliances an investment that will pay off for many years.

Two year global warranty on all Kärcher Professional Machines!Two year global warranty on all Kärcher Professional Machines!
Work cleanly

Work cleanly

Protect your investment and ensure long-term durability. Free your workplace, components and machinery of dust, dirt and other adhering residues. With Kärcher cold-water high-pressure cleaners, the process is quick and effortless.
Building front cleaning

Building front cleaning

Eliminate grime powerfully and quickly without damaging the basic structure of the building. You can adjust water volume and pressure easily to adapt the process to any surface.
Floor cleaning

Floor cleaning

Residues can be easily and effectively removed with cold-water high-pressure cleaners. Using the FR 30 ME attachment with integrated suction device which provides for 10 times the area capacity.

Our products for clinging dirt

High-pressure cleaners from 150 to 2,500 bar
With pressure and high delivery rates, you can remove even the toughest dirt quickly, thoroughly and economically.
HD 10/16-4 Cage Ex

HD 13/35-4
HD 9/50 Pe
HD 13/35 Pe
HD 9/50-4

Suction devices
Maximum mobility with the best suction power. Includes clever details such as integrated plug connector and much more.
Power sweepers and suction power sweepers
These suction power sweepers save time and energy, clean all areas easily and efficiently, and even suck up large particles.
KM 75/40 W Bp
KM 90/60 R P

Dry ice blasters
Ice blasters remove tough dirt in an innovative manner. Without damaging surfaces and without contaminated waste water.
IB 7/40 Advanced
IB 15/80