Sparkling results – on every surface.

Economical, time-saving, innovative. Three succinct reasons for using Kärcher appliances on hard surfaces. From deep cleaning and routine maintenance cleaning to polishing – we provide the right solution for every need, whether it be especially simple to handle, especially quiet or with a certain certification. Perfectly matched cleaning agents clean floors hygienically with sparkling results without attacking sensitive surfaces.
Two year global warranty on all Kärcher Professional Machines!Two year global warranty on all Kärcher Professional Machines!
Stone floors

Stone floors

Both natural and cast stone are very sensitive to acidity. Careful handing with Kärcher machines and perfectly formulated cleaning agents prevent matte, dull or blotchy spots from forming
after cleaning.
Wooden floors

Wooden floors

Laminate and parquet floors require special attention when cleaning. But don’t worry – with our EXTRA RM 780 mop cleaner even these demanding floor surfaces glisten with a new lustre.
Resilient floors

Resilient floors

On PVC, vinyl or linoleum floors one must take sensitivity to alkaline cleaning agents into account. In order to make the surface more hard-wearing, we recommend applying e.g. a protective film with our RM 781 coater.

Our products for the floor surfaces

Manual cleaning
Quick cleaning and easy handling draw our manual cleaning equipment for hard floor surfaces.

ECO!First Liner
ECO!Clean Liner
Mop system ECO!
Spinning broom ECO!
Vacuums and electric brooms
Eliminate dirt whether it is dry, damp or fluid. Due to tremendous suction power and compact, manoeuvrable and easy-to-use mechanics, Kärcher machines consistently achieve optimal results.
T 7/1
T 12/1
T 15/1
T 9/1 Bp
EB 30/1 Li-Ion


NT 27/1
NT 27/1 Me Advanced
NT 45/1 TACT
NT 70/2
Polishing machines and scrubber dryers
Whether single-disc, polishing or ride-on scrubber-dryer – glistening results are guaranteed on both hard and resilient surfaces.
BDS 43/150 C
BR 30/4 C
BR 40/10 C Adv
BR 55/40 RS Bp
B 60 W Bp
BD 60/95 RS Bp (gel)
B 90 R configured
B 140 R
BR 45/10 ESC
BR 47/35 Esc
BDP 43/1500 C Bp
BR 45/40 C Bp (24v battery)
Sweepers and vacuum sweepers
More economical than a broom, and much more convenient: our walk-behind sweepers and small-size sweepers. Even more flexible due to intelligent brush roller positioning and battery packs with a long service life.
EB 30/1 Li-Ion
KM 70/15 C